The 411 on Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation

In case you haven’t noticed yet, gorgeously full lips are en vogue again. From Angelina Jolie in the 90s to Kylie Jenner today, a plump and voluptuous-looking pout is a hallmark of youth and sultry beauty. Fortunately, even if you were born with thin lips, there’s a way to get the kind of lips that’s ready for every selfie…

And you won’t even need surgery.

What is Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation?

Non-surgical lip augmentation is a popular treatment that uses dermal fillers to add volume and fullness to the lips. These dermal fillers typically contain hyaluronic acid, a natural compound that works to increase collagen production while increasing lip volume. Lip fillers are unique from other types of dermal fillers because they contain a thinner form of HA gel. This viscous gel adds volume but doesn’t create stiff, “trout-like” lips, so you can retain your mouth’s natural movements.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Non-surgical lip augmentation is performed during a quick 15-minute procedure. First, we numb our patients for about 15 minutes prior to the procedure and then during the session, your dermal fillers will be injected into key areas of your lips to create the most natural-looking volume possible. Patients should expect some minor swelling and bruising at the treatment site; these side effects tend to fade after a few days.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Non-surgical lip augmentation results last up to 12 months. This is because the HA gel is a lot thinner than the thicker formulas used by traditional dermal fillers. Final results are usually visible about one to two weeks after the injection; in addition to looking fuller and plumper, your lips will look incredibly hydrated and shiny – like wearing lip gloss without the stickiness!

Take the Next Step

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