Registered Nurses at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery

AdrianaFinal,El Paso

Adriana Garza was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas. She graduated with a bachelors in Nursing and has been a nurse for 5 years in El Paso, TX. Since graduation, she has worked in a variety of units including the corrections department, wound care and hospice care. Each job has taught her a little something new about herself and her patients. She comes from a family of nurses who passed their empathetic heart to her.

Adriana joined the team at El Paso cosmetic surgery in 2014 as a patient and a year later as a registered nurse injector in 2015. She plans on pursuing a Master’s degree in Nursing that will lead her to forensic nursing. While her main passion is nursing, in her off time she enjoys working out, shooting, and spending time with her kitty cat, Sushi. No matter how difficult the days may get, she never forgets the reason why she became a nurse. She believes that she learns new things every day, and the opportunity for growth is almost unlimited.