Am I a Good Candidate for miraDry?

For many people, excessive sweating usually happens during a particularly vigorous workout, or when it’s hot outside. But for others, the reality of excessive sweating is that it can happen anytime – even when they’re not being active

Excessive sweating – often referred to as “hyperhidrosis” – is a medical condition in which sweat glands misinterpret nerve signals from the brain and overproduce sweat, even in situations where the body is at rest or cold. Hyperhidrosis can affect any part of the body, but the symptoms are most common in the following areas:

  •       Underarms (armpits)
  •       Hands
  •       Feet

Since the problem can be located at the glandular level, this means that the solution needs to target and treat sweat glands; something that deodorant just can’t do. That’s why El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in El Paso, TX is pleased to announce the arrival of miraDry – a permanent solution for excessive sweating!miraDry is different from other excessive sweating treatments because it directly targets the overactive sweat glands. This FDA-approved technology works by delivering pulses of laser energy directly to the glands. This energy destroys overactive sweat glands without harming surrounding healthy tissue. Since miraDry works by destroying the glands, it offers permanent relief from sweating; the destroyed glands don’t grow back.

That means with just a single treatment, you could see a significant reduction in excessive sweating!

miraDry is best performed on the underarm area. Ideal candidates are over the age of 18 and embarrassed by their excessive sweating problem. If you’ve tried multiple treatments for hyperhidrosis and still haven’t seen relief, miraDry could be the treatment you’re looking for.

In addition to miraDry, El Paso Cosmetic Surgery also offers Botox injections for excessive sweating. This is a great alternative for patients who may experience excessive sweating on their hands and feet (places miraDry isn’t approved to treat).

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