How Much Does HydraFacial™ Keravive Cost?

Have you tried every hair product available, only to find that your hair still looks thin and lifeless? HydraFacial™ Keravive restores full, healthy hair by rejuvenating your scalp. It also triggers new hair growth, helping your hair grow back thicker and fuller. 

What is HydraFacial™ Keravive?

HydraFacial™ Keravive is a cutting-edge treatment that improves scalp health and promotes hair growth. This treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration, designed to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles. 

HydraFacial™ Keravive uses a combination of powerful serums infused into the scalp using a specialized handpiece. These serums contain key ingredients such as peptides, growth factors, and vitamins that promote healthy hair growth.

*Individual Results May Vary

How Much Does HydraFacial™ Keravive Cost?

The cost of HydraFacial™ Keravive varies depending on the location and provider. The average cost of a HydraFacial™ Keravive treatment is about $500. This cost includes the take-home 30-day treatment valued at about $150. HydraFacial™ Keravive can also help you get more results for your money by boosting the effectiveness of other hair restoration treatments. 

What are the Steps of HydraFacial™ Keravive?

HydraFacial™ Keravive uses a three-step process to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the scalp. The three steps include:

Step 1: Cleanse and Exfoliate

The first step of the HydraFacial™ Keravive treatment involves cleansing and exfoliating the scalp using a specialized handpiece. This handpiece delivers a gentle stream of water and a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliating solution to remove scalp dirt, oil, or buildup.

Step 2: Hydrate and Nourish

The second step of the HydraFacial™ Keravive treatment infuses the scalp with a treatment serum. This serum contains key ingredients such as peptides, growth factors, and vitamins that work to nourish and hydrate the scalp.

Step 3: Extend and Enhance

The final step of the HydraFacial™ Keravive treatment is a take-home treatment that you will use for 30 days to continue nourishing and promoting blood flow to the scalp. This treatment contains many of the same peptides and growth factors used in the treatment serum. 

How Often Should I Have HydraFacial™ Keravive?

The frequency of HydraFacial™ Keravive treatments depends on your needs and response to treatment. Most people will notice results after three treatments. We recommend HydraFacial™ Keravive once a month to maintain your results. 

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Is There Any Downtime With HydraFacial™ Keravive?

HydraFacial™ Keravive is a gentle, relaxing treatment with no downtime. You can return to work or other activities immediately, although you may prefer to restyle your hair first. This non-invasive treatment enhances hair growth without causing any trauma to the scalp, so you will not have to take any special precautions after your session. 

Am I a Good Candidate for HydraFacial™ Keravive?

Almost everyone can have HydraFacial™ Keravive. Good candidates for this treatment may have thinning or dull, brittle hair. If you have a scalp infection, we may reschedule your treatment until it has resolved. 

I had my procedure done with Dr. Sozer and I have to say, He is not only an amazing Doctor, but a great person! He is very patient and will answer all questions. The staff is also amazing. They take care of you very well. The entire process, from consult to aftercare is wonderful! Thank you Dr. Sozer and staff!!!! Would definitely recommend it!

*Individual results may vary.

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