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Eyebrow Restoration

The eyes are a focus of beauty and the brows help to frame them. When maintaining facial symmetry, eyebrows and eyelashes must be identical. Numerous circumstances such as burns, chemotherapy, diseases, physical injury, and radiation can cause them become depleted or no longer existent. Those who pluck their eyebrows excessively can leave scars where hairs once grew. Others lack eyebrows for congenital reasons.

Can eyebrows be restored? Yes, the best results are obtained through follicular unit hair transplantation. Single follicles are transferred individually at the exact angles to create or restore the brows. This is a very delicate procedure with excellent results when performed by an experienced surgeon or technician.

Dr. Ozan Sozer can perform the procedure by taking the hair from above the ears through follicular unit extraction. This allows for small single hair grafts and no scarring at the donor site. This minimally invasive procedure allows for quick recovery.

By using the FUE technique with the NeoGraft, many of the transplanted follicles will retain their hair shaft bypassing the shedding period. The hair will begin to grow after three to four months. You will need to trim the hair regularly, as the transplanted hair will grow out like scalp hair.

Some patients choose to undergo other facial cosmetic procedures at the time of brow hair transplantation such as eyelid lift or blepharoplasty, fillers or fat injections, and facelift.

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