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Now here’s something cool! Introducing Coolsculpting®, the FDA-Cleared, Non-Surgical, Safe and effective procedure based on Cryolipolysis®, the proven science on using cold to kill fat cells. Now you can find Coolsculpting® at The MedSpa at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery. The idea that cold can selectively affect and eliminate fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue was the insight behind the proven science on which the Coolsculpting® procedure is based. Although men and women tend to show fat in different areas, the Coolsculpting® procedure works for both. It works on many parts of your body to target those pesky love handles that nobody really loves or that extra fat around your stomach. Plus, the Coolsculpting® procedure can help you tackle your unwanted fat with zero downtime. Just come in for your procedure, and you can resume your normal activities when you leave. One of our qualified registered nurses will confirm if Coolsculpting® is right for you!

Coolsculpting® by Zeltiq — Frequently Asked Questions

 How does Coolsculpting® Work?IllustrationProcess-V_hires El Paso

Coolsculpting® selectively damages fat cells using the controlled application of cold to discrete areas of the body containing excess fat. Once damaged, the fat cells are eliminated by the body’s normal inflammatory response. This technology is based on research that has shown that fat cells are more susceptible to damage from cold than other cells, such as nerve and skin cells.

 How does Coolsculpting® Feel?

Patients can feel the suction and the cold of the cooling unit. If there is discomfort, it tends to occur during the first 10 minutes of the procedure and tends to be mild. After the procedure there can be mild redness and bruising.

 Am I a Good Candidate?

The benefit of consulting at the MedSpa at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery is that we can truly evaluated your concerns and have the ability to recommend surgical options, like tummy tuck or various forms of liposuction, being available if absolutely necessary. The goal of our professional staff is not just to “sell” you Coolsculpting®, but to recommend the best treatment to reach your expectations and goals. Coolsculpting® is generally recommended for people who are not considered overweight but still have smaller pockets of extra fat, despite exercise and diet. In these cases, Coolsculpting® is ideal. Such people usually have small to medium size pockets of fat and wish to avoid an invasive liposuction treatment. If excess skin is the primary problem then a tummy tuck may be required.

Zeltiq is not intended for cellulite and obesity problems, and does not substitute liposuction. If you have moderate amount of fat that you wish to eliminate, Coolsculpting® can be a good option.

How Long Do Coolsculpting® Results Last?

Since the fat cells are actually eliminated, the Coolsculpting® results are considered to be permanent. Around 25% of the unwanted fat can be removed in a single treatment. Slight contour differences are visible after three weeks but dramatic results may take between 3 to 6 months to be seen. This is the period of time the body needs to naturally eliminate the fat. Some patients may actually need a second treatment, which can be done after two to four months, reducing another 20% of fat.

 How does Coolsculpting® Feel Afterward?

Discomfort, and sensation change can occur early after the procedure. These symptoms tend to be mild and usually resolve over the first two weeks. Sometimes a delayed sensitivity can develop requiring medication. We will cover all aspects at your consultation.

 How Much Does Coolsculpting® Cost?

At your consultation we can determine the number or areas and how many treatments per area will be necessary to reach your expectations and goals.

Will I Need More Than One Treatment?

Maybe depending on the size of the fat bulge and your expectations. Each treatment reduces fat bulge thickness, on average, by an additional 20-30%. We will develop a complete transformation program to meet your aesthetic goals.

If you are interested in scheduling a CoolSculpting consultation please call 915-351-1116 or fill out the form on this page. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Coolsculpting is an outpatient procedure in which freezes fat cells.  This technology safely delivers a dose of controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. The treated fat cells are crystallized, or frozen. Over time, your body naturally possesses the fat and eliminates these dead cells from your body, leaving a more sculpted you.

Coolsculpting is intended for Fat Reduction not Weight Loss.

Coolsculpting results are long lasting. Once the treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen), they die and are naturally processed and eliminated from the body. Once the treated fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good.
As the cooling begins during the first few minutes, you typically feel intense cold. This soon dissipates within the first 5-10 minutes. With some applicators, you’ll feel some pulling as suction is applied. The area generally goes numb within 5 to 10 minutes during treatment.

Most patients can resume their normal activities immediately ater Coolsculpting.

Yes.  Coolsculpting procedure was cleared by the FDA to treat visible fat bulges in abdomen, flanks, thighs, bra fat area, back fat, underneath the buttocks, and submental area (double chin).  With millions of treatments done worldwide, it is proven to be safe and effective.
The goal of our professional staff is not just to “sell” you Coolsculpting, but to recommend the best treatment to reach your expectations and goals; whether it may be Coolsculpting or surgical intervention, we are here to guide you. Coolsculpting is generally recommended for people who:

  • Have unwanted fat in targeted areas despite of exercise and diet
  • Have small to medium size pockets of fat and wish to avoid an invasive liposuction treatment.

You are not a good candidate if:

  • You have obesity problems
  • You have excess skin. Surgical intervention may be required.
  • Want to treat cellulite. Please see Cellfina information.
  • If you suffer from cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria
It is important to understand that each individual treatment will eliminate up to 25% of the unwanted fat. Multiple treatments may be required depending on each person expectation.

You may start to see changes as quickly as 3 weeks after your treatment, and will experience the most dramatic results after 2 months. Your body will continue to flush out fat cells for up to 4 to 6 months after treatment.

It’s important to understand the difference between weight loss and fat reduction prior to answering this question.  Coolsculpting is intended for Fat Reduction not Weight Loss.  What’s the difference you may be thinking?

Losing weight makes fat cells smaller and does not eliminate fat cells.  We are born with a fixed number of fat cells in our body.  When losing or gaining weight, it does not increase the number of fat cells; rather the size of the fat cells.  So, generally speaking, when you gain weight, the cell gets bigger and when you lose weight, they shrink.

When getting treated by Coolsculpting, you reduce the number of fat cells up to 25%.  Thus, less number of fat cells in the treated area (approximately up to 25% less).  You are more likely to see inches come off rather than weight loss.

However, if you do end up gaining the weight, you may gain it evenly all over your body, not just the treated areas.  The remaining fat cells in the treated area may inflate or increase in size giving an illusion of weight gain.

Many people feel motivated to maintain or even lose more inches or weight after a Coolsculpting procedures to see the best results.

No.  However, living a healthy lifestyle is always recommended to maintain or obtain the best results.  We do recommend a Weight Loss Program by Vitamedica that will help you shed those extra few pounds and/or inches. Please ask for more information regarding this product.  Can be purchased at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery.
Because Coolsculpting is so personalized, it is hard to give pricing.  The type and number of applicators and treatments can increase pricing.  The starting price for treatment is $750 and up.