Dermal Fillers vs. Facial Fat Grafting, Which One is Right For Me?

Facial volume loss can often happen over time due to aging. Many people who want to address the loss in volume in their face find themselves choosing between dermal fillers and facial fat grafting. But which one is right for you? At El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, we offer both and help discuss which one is right for you during your consultation. 

What Are Dermal Fillers? 

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that often contain hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid in dermal fillers helps plump the skin from underneath, filling in facial volume. 

We offer two different brands of dermal fillers – Juvederm® and Sculptra®. The line of Juvederm® products all has hyaluronic acid, a compound that your body makes naturally, as an ingredient. Sculptra® is different from other dermal fillers because it has poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) as the main ingredient instead of hyaluronic acid. PLLA is an acid that stimulates collagen and encourages the growth of collagen proteins. 

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Is There Any Downtime With Dermal Fillers?

There is minimal downtime after dermal fillers because they are a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. 

What is Facial Fat Grafting? 

Facial fat grafting is a surgical procedure that involves injecting your fat cells to treat facial volume loss. Sometimes called lipoinjection, facial fat grafting can use fat cells from the abdomen or thighs. 

Is There Downtime With a Facial Fat Graft? 

There is some downtime with a facial fat graft because it is a surgical procedure with a two-step process. The fat you choose to use must be surgically removed first and then injected into the face. More information on the downtime during a facial fat graft will be discussed. 

Which Facial Volume Loss Treatment is Right For Me? 

Which one is right for you depends on your preferences. Dermal fillers are a temporary, non-surgical, and immediate solution to facial volume loss. Facial fat grafting is a surgical procedure with a gradual process that can take three to six months to see the results. 

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