Scars in the scalp, brows, beard, moustache, or sideburns can be covered with hair transplantation. These scars often result from previous surgeries or trauma and result in bald spots surrounded by normal hair. One of the most common procedures is coverage of facelift scars in the temples and hairline areas.

The scars can be easily camouflaged and covered by normal hair. The NeoGraft FUE  transplantation is an excellent technique to treat these bald spots. Hair from the scalp is taken through the traditional strip follicular unit transplantation or the follicular unit extraction technique. The hair is then transplanted to the bald spot in the scalp of face, one by one, to restore the normal appearance.

Depending on the area to be filled, anywhere from a few hairs to thousands can be transplanted resulting in great natural appearing results with good densities.