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Endoscopic Midface Lift (Cheek Lift)

With aging, there is a loss of skin elasticity and tone, causing the lower eyelids and cheeks to sag. The midface lift, or cheek lift, the procedure can lift sagging cheeks, smooth nasal furrows, and pull up the corners of the lips. At El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, the midface lift can be performed alone, or in combination with an endoscopic brow lift, eyelid surgery, or as part of a full facelift. The procedure can be performed endoscopic or through traditional incision depending on your needs.

Candidates for mid-facelift surgery

A cheek lift targets the sagging cheeks, lower eyelids, area around the nose, and the corner of the mouth. This procedure can be performed alone or in combination with other facial surgeries. The procedure can be performed as an endoscopic mid-facelift technique or as a traditional mid-facelift procedure.

Endoscopic Midface Lift Procedure

A midface lift is performed through tiny incisions placed within the hairline at the temple and on the inside of the mouth. During the procedure, fat pads in the cheeks will be repositioned up and over the cheekbones. Performing the midface lift endoscopically means that recovery will be much quicker than with traditional surgical techniques. Other benefits of the endoscopic procedure include minimal scarring, no hair loss, and reduced bleeding and numbness.


We use a patented bioabsorbable implant device called the ENDOTINE Midface™ to maximize fixation strength. The procedure can be performed in minutes through a blepharoplasty-like incision in the lower eyelid. The ENDOTINE Midface™ implant is placed to help fix the tissues into the lifted position and is absorbed by the body during the healing process. The ENDOTINE Midface™ allows for a quick and simplified procedure that can expand your treatment options.

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