About Our Service

Dr. Sozer and the entire staff of El Paso Cosmetic Surgery strives to make every patient’s plastic surgery experience one that is positive and supportive in every way, from the initial consultation to post operative care.

At your first meeting, Dr. Sozer will take the time to listen to your wants and expectations. He’ll then talk with you about the best options to achieve the results you desire. Dr. Sozer and his managers will work together to address all your questions and educate you on all your options. You’ll be offered resources such as computer imaging to help explain and visualize your image goals.

Attention to every detail of care and safety will be a part of your experience. El Paso Cosmetic Surgery’s surgery facility is certified by the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) for its meticulous implementation of safety protocols.

If your procedure requires an overnight stay in our surgical center, you’ll be carefully monitored by our on staff registered nurses. If you are from out-of-town, we have made arrangements with the local Garden Hilton Inn to offer you a discount rate -to help you look and feel your best after surgery.

We also have for you the Med Spa, another service Dr. Sozer offers his patients.

Under the supervision of Dr. Ozan Sozer Med Spa offers:
  • A variety of skin care opportunities including laser, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and medical grade skin care products, all designed to help your skin maintain a smooth and healthy, rejuvenated appearance.
  • Post-operative lymphatic massage therapy for faster recuperation

Procedures by Dr. Sozer Available at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery:

As a plastic surgeon on the forefront of researching and developing new techniques in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr. Sozer has introduced a number of procedures.

These include: Butt Augmentation and Lift, Upper Pole Fullness, and Face and Neck Lift.

Butt Augmentation and Lift

What is a Butt Augmentation and Lift?

Often, people who experience dramatic weight loss, particularly after bariatric surgery, find themselves with buttocks that are disproportionately flat or otherwise lacking an aesthetically pleasing contour. To address this problem, we often perform a butt augmentation and lift as part of a comprehensive lower body lift.

What is different about this procedure at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery?

While many surgeons use artificial buttock implants to restore shape to the gluteal region, Dr. Ozan Sozer developed a procedure that uses the patient’s own tissue to create a natural flap that adds projection to the buttocks. This safe, highly effective method of butt augmentation and lift allows patients to achieve a smoother, more refined result that perfectly complements their new physique.

To learn more about this procedure created by Dr. Sozer, explore this Scientific Form article here in PDF form where you will see:

  • An overview of the procedure including before and after pictures
  • A study of patients treated from Jan 2004 – Dec. 2006
  • The surgical technique and the conclusions regarding satisfaction rate, low complication rate and the procedures higher safety factor when compared with fat grafting.

Breast Lift/Upper Pole Fullness

When considering something as personal as a breast lift, you want to know that you’re getting the best care and procedure available. You also want to know that you are going to achieve a beautiful outcome. Because Dr. Sozer, a world renowned plastic surgeon has used his expertise to develop a special technique, you can benefit from a procedure that will give you the natural, attractive look you desire- especially if you are dealing with droopy, big breasts. And your look will happen all with less after surgery care and recovery time. Learn more about this procedure for breast lift/ upper pole fullness here.

Face and Neck Lift

There is nothing worse than seeing someone who obviously had a procedure done that causes people to start talking about how they don’t look better…they look weird! That is something you would never experience when you put your trust in Dr. Sozer and the staff at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Sozer has developed a technique for face lift and neck lift that allows each patient to naturally look 10 years younger.

It’s time to consider a face and neck lift when:
  • The signs of aging are starting to bother you, and you are less than satisfied with your appearance.
  • You are a man or woman between 40-45 years of age
The El Paso Cosmetic Surgery Difference – don’t be fooled by TV ads with celebrity spokespeople!
  • You may be wondering about the ads you see on TV with a celebrity telling you how simple it is to get a face lift. Do your homework! These types of services provide a limited facelift done under local anesthesia. They are actually a mini face-lift and are not appropriate for everyone. Geared to younger patients they tend to last only about 6 months!
  • With a face and neck lift done by Dr. Sozer, you can expect results that will last a lifetime, even as you age, you will continue to look 10-15 years younger than your actual age. As a 70 year old you can look as young as a 55 year old!
What to expect:
  • The procedure is done under general anesthesia, is not painful, and has a 2-3 week recovery time for the bruising.

If you are considering a face and neck lift, plastic surgeon Ozan Sozer’s face lift/neck lift provides natural looking results that are significant and long lasting. Call today for your consultation appointment.

Triple Plication in Miniabdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck Method)

Often after pregnancy, weight gain or loss, or previous surgical incisions people become dissatisfied with the appearance of their abdominal area. To address this, a novel method of plication of the abdominal laxity can be used by Dr. Sozer to improve the waistline.

The result is:
  • Improved tension of the entire abdominal wall
  • Enhancement of the waistline
  • Improved uniformity in the contour view of the area
The Right Candidates for This Procedure:

The ideal candidate for this procedure:

  • Within normal limits for his or her weight and height
  • Has no plans for future pregnancies
  • Has a moderate amount of excess skin and fat
  • Has only mild diastasis of the rectus muscles

To learn more about this procedure created by Dr. Ozan Sozer, explore this Aesthetic Plastic Surgery article here in PDF form where you will see:

  • An overview of the procedure including before and after pictures
  • A study of patients treated from Jan 2004 – Dec. 2004, ages 28-54
  • The surgical technique and the conclusions