Female Hair Loss

Not only are men affected by AGA, women are too.  Likewise, the term AGA is used for female pattern hair loss.  However, the AGA patterns for women are much different from AGA patterns found in men.

Women tend to develop a hair loss pattern starting anywhere from their teens to their 40s and 50s.  The female hair loss pattern spreads across the top of the scalp.  According to the Ludwig Classification, hair loss in women varies from Grade I to Grade III in severity.  Unlike AGA in men, genetic balding in women is not so common.  Although some women have attained hereditary hair loss, assumptions about this condition cannot be made.

Still, women experience permanent hair loss mostly through AGA.  For all women 40 years of age or older, 50% of them have lost some hair.  This doesn’t mean that AGA is the sole cause of thinning hair.  Women are more typically affected by non-AGA causes of balding than men.  For more of these causes, read on.

For women, temporary hair loss is often caused by hormonal changes linked to pregnancy or hypothyroidism that has not been treated.  Women are more likely to experience temporary hair thinning that may or may not occur with female pattern hair loss.

Anytime a woman is concerned about hair loss, she ought to obtain a diagnosis from a physician hair restoration specialist.  Once this is done, a successful treatment may be recommended.