Hair Transplantation Considerations

If you are trying to decide whether hair restoration surgery with transplants is the right hair loss treatment option for you, please take these issues into consideration:

  • You must have an adequate density of healthy hair for a donor area. For patients with very large areas of baldness, hair transplantation may be combined with other NeoGraft procedures to produce optimal results.
  • The hair transplantation process is time consuming and often requires multiple sessions spaced over one to two years.
  • Patients should not resume normal activities for several days after a transplantation procedure.
  • Patients may experience minor discomfort, bruising, and swelling from the hair transplantation procedure.
  • Some patients may experience numbness around the donor or recipient site, but this typically disappears within two to three months of surgery.
  • Patients should have realistic expectations about the nature and extent of transplanted hair growth. Coarseness, curl, and other individual hair characteristics can affect the density and overall appearance of the transplanted hair.