Surgical Treatments

Communication: The Bridge Between You and Your Physician Hair Restoration Specialist
Once you consider the service of a hair restoration specialist, both you and the Dr. Sozer must agree on a working plan.  By doing so, he can decide if your needs or wishes can be met through the NeoGraft procedure or medical treatment.  You both must agree on:

  • What you want to achieve through hair restoration.  Before you determine this, you must have objective and subjective perceptions of yourself.
  • An objective analysis of what can be done and how it can improve your appearance.
  • How much you’re willing to spend on suggested treatment options.

Constant communication between you and Dr. Ozan Sozer assures that your objectives are understood.  First, you plastic surgeon must be informed about the exact reason why you want your hair restored, for example, to look younger or give you extra confidence when applying for a job.  Of course, there is more to hair restoration than just improving your self-esteem.  You may feel that being bald or partially bald may be a setback in dating or meeting others.  Hence, you must be aware of what bothers you the most about lacking hair.  Possibly having more hair can help protect your scalp from the sun.

Next, Dr. Ozan Sozer needs to diagnose and assess the reasons why you are losing or have lost hair.  This may mean conducting a medical, physical, and scalp examination to determine the cause.  Almost all patients are candidates for hair restoration after the mentioned examinations have taken place.  Yet for some, the options for treatment are rather limited.  If AGA is present in either gender, these patients are easy to treat.

Third, once the diagnosis and assessment have been done, Dr. Sozer will discuss the NeoGraft procedure or non-surgical treatments as he recommends the best one that will achieve the hoped for results.  Before choosing one, you will want to explicitly go over the price of each.  As you do, be specific as to what dollar amount you’re willing to pay and avoid vague terms like “a lot”, “costly”, “cheap”, “an arm and a leg”, etc.

Fourth, you must become familiar with each treatment plan’s cost, risks, and benefits.  Treatment should not begin until all of your questions have been answered.

Finally, once all your issues have been addressed, you and Dr. Sozer can agree on a specific hair restoration plan.  You both must realize what outcome of each plan can reasonably be expected.  Treatments form the majority of hair restoration patients has proven to be highly satisfactory.  Through mutual understanding between the both of you, you are assured to be pleased with the final results.