How Can I Quickly Reduce Cellulite on My Legs?


Winter may finally be here, but that doesn’t mean your concerns about cellulite have gone away.  In fact, you’re still trying to get rid of those dimples that mark your backside and thighs – but no matter how much you diet and exercise, they just won’t go away.

If the cellulite struggle is too real, it’s time to schedule a Cellfina consultation at El Paso Plastic Surgery in El Paso, Texas!

Why Cellfina Works On Cellulite

Unlike body contouring treatments, Cellfina directly targets the main cause of cellulite: connective bands underneath the skin’s surface.  These connective bands push excess fat up to the skin, which causes the dimpling associated with cellulite.  Cellfina uses microneedling technology to break up these bands, which results in an instant reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

There’s no invasive surgery or intensive recovery associated with Cellfina treatments; in fact, most patients can continue with their daily routines immediately after the procedure!

How Many Cellfina Treatments Will You Need?

Think you’ll need to sit through treatment after treatment to see any results?

Think again: Most patients only need one to two treatments to see a significant reduction in the dimpling commonly associated with cellulite.  Best of all, almost 90% of patients indicated that they were still satisfied with the results of their Cellfina treatments three years later.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder more people are lining up for Cellfina treatments at El Paso Plastic Surgery!

Cellfina Treatments at El Paso Plastic Surgery

Don’t let cellulite stop you from enjoying your winter or summer. Schedule a consultation at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in El Paso, TX today! (915) 221-2996.

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