How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser hair removal is seen as one of the most advanced methods of hair removal in the cosmetic industry. Excess or unwanted body hair has been a primary concern for men and women for many years. Traditional treatments include waxing or hair removal creams, both of which come with a series of disadvantages. Notably, waxing causes lots of irritation and is highly painful. Similarly, hair removal cream can cause skin sensitivity and rashes. In either case, there’s also the issue of hairs regrowing quickly, meaning numerous treatments are needed every few weeks. 

By comparison, laser hair removal works by destroying the hair follicles, meaning hair regrowth takes significantly longer to appear. While not technically a permanent hair removal solution, laser hair removal is the longest-lasting option around. 

Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal

As with all cosmetic treatments, the average cost of laser hair removal will vary across the country. However, we can look at data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to figure out how much this treatment costs, on average. The most recent reports put it at approximatley $285 per session.

Factors That Influence Final Costs

The most important aspect of the average cost is that it is per session. The more sessions you have, the more expensive your treatment will be. Other factors also come into play, such as the geographical location you’re in, as well as the experience and reputation of your provider. 

Moreover, the size of the treatment area is an influence on things as well. If you want to remove hair from the bikini line, it won’t be as expensive as removing hair from your legs. The larger the area, the longer the treatment, and the more costly it will be. 

Lastly, the type of laser used will also play a role. At El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, we use the LightSheer DUET laser, as well as the Cynosure Vectus Laser. Different brands will cost more or less money to use, it all depends on what your provider chooses. 

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Laser hair removal is highly effective at targeting awkward areas of the body with extreme precision. This form of hair removal also doesn’t damage the surrounding skin and only targets the hair follicles in the area. The speed with which the treatment can be carried out is also an advantage. Very little prep is required, and your provider just needs to move a laser handpiece over the target area. 

Additionally, laser hair removal is semi-permanent in that it destroys hair follicles from the root. When all the hair is gone from a target area, it can stay hairless for an extremely long time. After your initial bout of appointments, you won’t need constant top-ups every month!

Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Traditionally, the ideal candidates for laser hair removal have dark hair and light skin. Laser technology finds it harder to work on people with either dark skin or light hair. However, advancements have been made to make laser hair removal more effective for all skin and hair types. If you have any concerns, all will be discussed during your consultation. 

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