How Much Does miraDry Cost?

Are you interested in miraDry treatments to get rid of your excessive sweating, but nervous about how much the procedure might cost you?

You’ve got questions, so we’ve found the answers. Take a look at the average cost of a miraDry treatment, including if you’re a good candidate for miraDry.

The Average Cost of a miraDry Treatment

It’s tough to pin down the average cost of a miraDry treatment, as the procedure’s price depends on the area being treated, how many treatments you get, and the practice where you’re getting your session done. However, in terms of price ranges, you can expect the cost of a miraDry treatment to be anywhere between $1,500 to $4,500.

While miraDry can be on the pricer side if you’re getting a larger area treated, the results speak for themselves. Most patients see a reduction in sweating right away, with some patients even regarding it as a “life-changing” procedure. Patients are able to feel more confident in their own skin and are free from the chronic worry over sweat stains.

Am I a Candidate for miraDry?

You’re a good candidate for miraDry treatments if you’ve been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis or you have excessive sweating that’s preventing you from fully enjoying your life. miraDry is best used on the armpit areas, so good candidates for this treatment will experience most of their excessive sweating here. 

Most candidates only need one to two miraDry treatments to see a significant reduction with their excessive sweating.

What to Expect from Your miraDry Consultation

Your miraDry consultation will take about 15 minutes, during which your miraDry technician will better understand how excessive sweating has affected your life. After reviewing your medical history, your miraDry technician will recommend a course of treatments, which can give you a better idea of how much you can expect to spend on miraDry.

I had miradry done at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery and absolutely love my results. I was clearly informed that 1-3 treatments may be required depending on the severity of sweat that is produced. So far I have zero sweat and odor after one month post treatment. I personally was not a heavy sweater, but my main decision to proceed was to elimate the use of chemical product to control the day to day sweat and odor. Love, love, love my results!

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