NeoGraft Light Therapy

NeoLTSWhen you think of your skin do you wish you could improve the appearance of fine lines, skin tone, texture and overall clarity?

Are you struggling with acne?

Are you discouraged because of your hair loss?

At El Paso Cosmetic Surgery we want to tell you more about NeoLTS-Light Therapy System. At our center we have had great results with this amazing way to light your way to beautiful hair and skin. It’s ideal for men and women of all skin and hair types.

The NeoLTS is FDA cleared to treat a variety of aesthetic and dermatological conditions including moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris, superficial, benign vascular and pigmented lesions and general dermatological conditions.

The NeoLTS system non-invasively:
  • Strengthens and improves hair density
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines, skin tone, texture and overall clarity
  • Reduces inflammatory acne lesions
Different combinations of colors and wavelengths address different needs:
  • Hair loss – red and green wave lengths
  • Acne- red and blue wave lengths
  • Photo Rejuvenation – red wave length
And best of all, there is:
  • No irritation
  • No pain
  • No redness
  • No downtime
  • Long term results with a simple maintenance plan

And it’s as easy as two sessions per week.

If you want to know more about radiant glowing skin and fuller, healthier hair, let us tell you more about NeoLTS-Light Therapy System.

The El Paso Cosmetic Surgery Difference: At Our Med Spa We Provide Professional Care and Consultation to Choose the Skin Care Products and Lasers That Are Right For You!

You are unique, with your own skin type. It’s important before you start a skin treatment regimen that you work with one of Med Spa Registered Nurses or aesthetician who sees you for the individual that you are. All skin services are performed by our on-staff team which includes an aesthetician, three Registered Nurses and overseen by our cosmetic surgeon Ozan Sozer, M.D. Your skin deserves more than a random purchase off a website…you deserve to never be left in the dark as to what is the best regimen for you. That’s why your skin care recommendations will be based on a personalized analysis of your skin. You can know that you are using the product that is right for you.

Don’t settle for less than optimum results from pharmaceutical grade products that penetrate and provide faster results. Rest assured when it comes to your skin care, the Med Spa professionals at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery are here for you!