La Roche-Posay believes in Healing Thermal Spring Water and a rigorous formulation criteria for a new generation of skincare that combines dermatology and beauty. The Formulation Charter established by La Roche-Posay Laboratoire Pharmaceutique guarantees products with optimum skin tolerance and minimum secondary effects. Non-comedogenic and purified, La Roche-Posay treatments are designed to avoid saturating the skin with superfluous active ingredients and to deliver their healing action to the very core of the epidermis. For La Roche-Posay Laboratoire, the formulation stage is anchored in selecting the raw materials to be used. Those raw materials whose intolerance risks (allergies included) cannot be evaluated and those whose tolerance is not optimal are not used.

Each La Roche-Posay treatment is formulated with a La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water base.
  • The choice of raw materials is based on rigorous criteria of innocuousness and analytical grade, and knowledge acquired over time.
  • No fragrances or ingredients that potentially cause irritation
  • Associations of active ingredients are limited and complex combinations are avoided.
  • Only perfumed compositions that do not contain raw materials with known allergy potential are used.Microbiological purity is ensured by means of hygienic packaging (sterile doses, cannula tubes, etc.) and by preservatives with an optimum balance of effectiveness and innocuousness.
  • Microbiological tests are carried out at different stages of production.
  • The content of formulas is clearly presented in a complete list of ingredients on the packaging…
  • An expiration date indicated on the products ensures their freshness
  • All products tested on the most sensitive skins

The uniqueness of the hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic skincare offered by La Roche-Posay combined with soothing anti-oxidant thermal spring water provides peace of mind for anyone who receives this excellent product as a recommendation.

La Roche offers the following skin care lines:
  • Oily Skin/Acne Prone
  • Aging Skin Sensitive
  • Skin Reactive Skin/Redness Prone
  • Dry to Severely Dry Skin

The El Paso Cosmetic Difference: We Provide Professional Care and Consultation to Choose the Skin Care Products That Are Right For You!

You are unique, with your own skin type. It’s important before you start a skin treatment regimen that you work with a trained aesthetician who sees you for the individual that you are. All skin services are performed by our on-staff team which includes an aesthetician, a Registered Nurse and overseen by our cosmetic surgeon. Your skin deserves more than a random purchase off a website…you deserve to never be left in the dark as to what is the best regimen for you. That’s why your skin care recommendations will be based on a personalized analysis of your skin. You can know that you are using the product that is right for you.

Don’t settle for less than optimum results from pharmaceutical grade products that penetrate and provide faster results. Rest assured when it comes to your skin care, El Paso Cosmetic Surgery is here for you!