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TempSure® RF for Body

Are you bothered by the appearance of sagging skin and cellulite? Have you started to notice increased sagging around your abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs, or other areas of your body? If that’s the case, you may be a good candidate for TempSure® skin-firming radiofrequency treatments for the body.

TempSure® is a brand name for a non-surgical device that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and tone loose skin. TempSure® is now available for non-surgical skin tightening at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in El Paso, TX.

Tempsure® Rf for Body El Paso
individual results may vary

What is TempSure® RF for Body?

TempSure® is a technology that uses radiofrequency energy to trigger a tightening effect in loose skin and improve the appearance of cellulite. TempSure® can be used to treat many areas of the body, including the:

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

TempSure® Firm

is a handpiece for the TempSure® system that targets cellulite. The fibers that connect skin tissue to muscles are not very stretchy, so when the fat cells between the fibers accumulate with age, the fibers pull against the skin, creating the dimpled effect of cellulite. TempSure® Firm combines RF heat with specialized massage to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It works on the same principle as TempSure® RF for the Face on a larger scale, stimulating collagen to tighten skin and smoothing away cellulite dimpling.

TempSure® Flexsure™

is another revolutionary handpiece created for the TempSure® platform. It is the first flexible radiofrequency handpiece in the industry, and it enables the applicator to conform seamlessly to each patient’s body. TempSure® Flexsure™ can be used around the arms, thighs, and abs to deliver firmness to the skin while simultaneously reducing the fat layer below.

What is a TempSure® RF Body Treatment Like?

When you arrive for a TempSure® treatment at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, your clinician will first apply a gel to the treatment area. Then, it takes two minutes for the handpiece to elevate the tissue temperature to the desired degree. Finally, the five-minute massage begins. You may experience a mild warming sensation during the procedure. This is normal and a sign that your radiofrequency treatment is working! A typical TempSure® appointment usually takes about 45 minutes.

Recovery and Results After a TempSure® RF Body Treatment?

There’s no downtime after a TempSure® treatment, so you can get right back to your daily routine. Plus, TempSure® can help trigger long-term collagen production for additional skin-tightening benefits.

TempSure® Firm delivers visible results in skin tightness and a reduction of cellulite after two to three treatments. As collagen forms over the following few weeks, your skin appears firmer and tighter, with reduced dimpling. You will be able to wear your short shorts or bathing suit with confidence. We recommend three to five TempSure® treatments to see ideal results. Your optimal results should appear about four weeks after your last TempSure® procedure.

Am I a Good TempSure® RF Candidate?

TempSure® Firm is approved for all skin types. If you’re unhappy with the laxity of your skin and/or you have cellulite that makes you self-conscious, TempSure® body treatments could be beneficial for you.

You may be a good candidate for TempSure® if you:

  • Are in generally good health
  • Have sagging or loose skin
  • Have mild to moderate skin laxity
  • Want to reduce the appearance of cellulite 
  • Have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about what treatment can achieve

Take the Next Steps

Look your best and feel confident. Get started by scheduling a consultation with our Body Treatment Specialists by calling or texting (915) 351-1116. During this time, we’ll evaluate what kind of treatment would be most beneficial for YOU, as well as answer any questions or concerns that you might have about the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to RealSelf the average cost of a TempSure® treatment package is $2,375. This price can vary depending on the type of TempSure® applicator used, the size and number of treatment areas, geographical location, and the experience of your provider. Your El Paso Cosmetic Surgery clinician will give you a more specific price estimate for your individual treatment plan.

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