O Shot

If you’re a woman suffering from low sexual desire, painful sex, decreased orgasm and urinary incontinence that can come with aging or childbirth, we have a revolutionary new procedure called The O-Shot.

Designed by Doctor Charles Runels, the O-Shot can greatly enhance pleasure and intimacy and to strengthen relationships for those already enjoying healthy relations.

The procedure uses the patient’s own blood which is spun, separated and injected into the vagina to improve sex while also being beneficial in stopping urinary incontinence.

Five per cent of women between the ages of twenty to twenty-nine have urinary incontinence severe enough to really bother them. With the O-Shot rejuvenating the entire area of the urethra, 90% who have the procedure have seen their urinary incontinence cured in just one procedure that works up to twelve years.

With just one procedure, the O-Shot can change your life. Take the time to talk to the doctor about how the O-Shot can change yours.

If you are interested in scheduling an O Shot consultation please call 915-351-1116 or fill out the form on this page.