ApplyCosmetic surgery can be quite expensive, but the cost can be made significantly more manageable with the availability of cosmetic surgery financing from Prosper Healthcare Lending. The premier healthcare financing firm in the medical industry, Prosper Healthcare Lending has made it possible for thousands of people to afford the surgical procedures that they desire.

A cosmetic surgery loan from Prosper Healthcare Lending offers the following major benefits:

Immediate decisions without affecting your credit. Prosper Healthcare Lending makes it fast and easy to get financing for cosmetic surgery. Unlike with other lending firms, credit history will not hinder the patient’s eligibility to receive funding.

Longer terms for lower monthly payments. Longer terms mean lower monthly payments throughout the course of the payment period. Although this means having to pay off the loan for a longer period of time, this also translates into more manageable monthly payments.

No collateral required. Prosper Healthcare Lending is ideally suited for those who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery but who may not have any collateral to present to the many lending institutions that require them. Cosmetic surgery is therefore a feasible option for those that have been turned down by other lending firms due to lack of collateral.

No prepayment penalties. This is another benefit that makes cosmetic surgery financing from Prosper Healthcare Lending a more viable option. In addition to doing away with penalties that add to the cost of cosmetic surgery, no prepayment penalties also means lower overall expenses.

Fast and easy loan inquiry process. Unlike other firms, Prosper Healthcare Lending is focused primarily on financing for healthcare and medical purposes. This more focused scope speeds up the loan inquiry and application process, making it possible for patients to get funding for their desired procedure quickly.

100% confidential. Prosper Healthcare Lending is committed to maintaining patient privacy to the fullest. Patients can therefore apply for a loan, receive funding, and undergo the procedure they desire, secure in the knowledge that their privacy is fully protected.

Applying for cosmetic surgery financing

Securing cosmetic surgery financing generally involves one of two processes: finding a firm that fits your requirements with regard to cost and payment options, and allowing lending firms to pitch their best offers to you.

Applying for a loan online can speed up the process significantly. Borrowers are usually required only to fill out a single application form, with the facilitating site providing them with a list of companies that fit their profile. Alternatively, applicants may also apply for financing online and have several different firms make their best offers by way of a bidding system. Filling up the form and sending it in will take only a few minutes at the longest, and most firms will have a reply within 24 hours.

Once the application is approved for the loan, the only thing left to do is to ensure that the terms of the loan are favorable. After the applicant has agreed to the terms and has finalized the claim, the funds for the surgery will usually be available from a few days to a couple of weeks afterwards.