What’s the Recovery Time for a Facelift?

Are you interested in undergoing a facelift procedure, but not sure if you have the full time to devote to a recovery?

As it turns out, it might take less time than you think. Check out the recovery time for a facelift, including how you can make the most of your facelift recovery.

The Recovery Time for a Facelift

If you’re picturing months spent recovering from a facelift, you may be in for a shock: the truth is that most patients are able to return to work about one to two weeks after their facelift procedure(!).  

That’s because there’s a host of new techniques designed to make the facelift as straightforward as possible. For example, you may only need a mid-facelift or a mini-facelift, both of which can correct facial sagging without requiring the full traditional facelift surgery.

Regardless, the majority of your recovery will take place over a four-week period; at the end of this period, you may be cleared for normal exercise. Keep in mind that minor facial swelling may prevent you from seeing the final results of your facelift until about six months after the procedure.

How to Have the Best Facelift Recovery

Want to make the most of your facelift recovery? Here’s what we recommend:

  • Make sure you’re fully prepared to relax and recover during that pivotal first week. That means meal prepping, getting childcare, and/or investing in lots of entertainment to keep you occupied.
  • Avoid strenuous workouts, especially in the first month after recovering from your facelift procedure. However, you may be encouraged to take gentle walks at your second week of recovery, as getting a little blood flow can help with the healing process.
  • Follow your plastic surgeon’s recovery plan down to the letter. Your recovery plan is tailored to your particular needs, so it’ll help you get your best results possible.

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