What are the Best-Shaped Breast Implants?

Are you interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery, but not 100% sure what breast implant shapes you should select?

Worry no more – here’s the best advice on how to select breast implants that work for your particular body and needs.

The Best-Shaped Breast Implant

The truth is that there’s no one right answer – the best-shaped breast implant will largely depend on your specific body type and your particular goals. For example, some women may see better results with a rounder breast implant, while others may prefer a teardrop-shaped implant.

The point here is that it’s important to keep an open mind once you start learning about breast implants. You may think that you’ll opt for a specific style, but it’s important to get the feedback and recommendations of a board certified plastic surgeon. That way, you can ensure you end up with the best results possible.

How to Choose the Right Breast Implants

So how do you choose which breast implants are right for you? Take a look:

  • Work with a board certified plastic surgeon who understands how your body type will play a role in the type of implant you should get.
  • Take a look at the implant’s warranties, as this may help you decide between two different implant shapes.
  • Understand what issues implants can correct. For example, if you’re looking to correct breast sagginess, a teardrop-shaped implant may offer you better results than a round implant shape.
  • Make sure you know how your budget will play a role in the type of implant you select. In some cases, your plastic surgeon may offer financing options to help you get the implant that’s the best fit for your body.

Take the Next Step

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