What is TempSure®?

El Paso Cosmetic Surgery offers a wide variety of cosmetic treatments that can target all kinds of specific issues around the body. One of our most innovative and popular treatments is TempSure®, a new non-surgical solution for skin tightening. This has many uses and is designed to help reduce the appearance of sagging skin without making any incisions. 

What Can TempSure® Treat?

TempSure® is a versatile treatment that mainly targets sagging skin. Typically, it will treat the skin around the neck and chin area, offering a treatment option to get rid of jowls and a double chin.

TempSure® has applications in other areas, such as your abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a version of this technology that is called TempSure™ Vitalia that is used for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation! It delivers radiofrequency energy to the vaginal muscles, tightening them and leading to a host of other sexual health benefits. 

What is a TempSure® Treatment Like?

On average, these treatments take around 45 minutes and require no surgery at all. A TempSure® device is placed over the target area, where it uses radiofrequency energy that’s delivered deep into the tissues below your skin. You will experience a slight warming sensation, but this is perfectly normal and shows that the RF energy is getting to work. This triggers processes and reactions within skin cells, forcing your skin to tighten itself. TempSure® also triggers collagen production in your skin, which leads to long-lasting skin-tightening effects! 

For the vaginal rejuvenation version of TempSure®, a device is inserted into the vaginal canal and rotated for half an hour. This delivers RF energy evenly to the muscles in the canal, eliciting the tightening effect. Much like the regular treatment, the process lasts up to 45 minutes. 

Benefits of TempSure® Treatments

Our TempSure® treatments have led to patients experiencing tighter and more toned skin following the procedures. This is combined with long-term collagen production, which can increase skin structure and prevent excessive sagging. As a result, it leads to the all-around benefit of making your skin firmer and younger. This increases confidence and helps you feel more assured of yourself. 

Furthermore, the TempSure® vaginal rejuvenation treatment can increase vaginal lubrication, prevent urinary incontinence, and enhance sexual pleasure. It does this all as a result of tightening the vaginal canal. 

TempSure® also provides the benefit of no downtime following treatment! It involves zero surgery and zero scars, so you can return to your routine as usual straight away. 

Am I a Candidate for TempSure®?

If you have areas of your body with loose skin that needs to be tightened, this treatment could be right for you. Similarly, if you are searching for a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation method, TempSure® is one of the best options around. The fact that this treatment provides no downtime makes it suitable for just about anyone, no matter how busy you are. 

I highly recommend anyone to El Paso Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Socer. I went back in June for a tummy tuck and lipo and i feel and look amazing. Before surgery i was a size 12 and now I’m a size 4. Even my health has improved, I’m able to do more in life and feel great. Also they have amazing staff.

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