Monthly Specials - December 2014

December Med Spa Specials

End of Year Blow Out Sale!

Botox- $400 three sites (crow’s feet, glabella and forehead)

Voluma XC - $700 the syringe

Juvederm Ultra – $400 the syringe

Juvederm Ultra Plus - $450 the syringe

*Restrictions may apply


12 Days of Christmas at The MedSpa

Gift Certificates Available!  Need to be paid in full the day of.

-Tuesday, December 2nd (only) – $200 exfoliations of the face x3

-Wednesday, December 3rd (only) –  30% off tattoo removal x5, receive 6th treatment FREE

-Thursday, December 4th (only) – $400 Laser IPL of the face x3

-Friday, December 5th (only) – $400 full facials of the face x3

-Monday, December 8th (only) – $750 Micro Needling of the face x3 (products not included)

-Tuesday, December 9th (only) - 25% Off  Ultherapy

-Wednesday, December 10th (only) – $3,000 Fraxel of the face x3

-Thursday, December 11th (only) – $1,500 Active FX (products not included)

-Friday, Decemeber 12th (only) – 60% Off Laser Hair Removal

-Monday, December 15th (only) – 60% Off Spider Vein treatment

-Tuesday, December 16th (only) – $2,500 Active & Deep FX of the face (products not included)

-Wednesday, December 17th (only) – 20% Off all products  (while supplies lasts)


Surgical Center Specials

12 Days of Christmas Specials!

-Tuesday, December 2nd (only) – 20% Off all surgical procedures

-Wednesday, December 3rd (only) –  20% Off Eye lid surgery

-Thursday, December 4th (only) – 20% Off Lift/Augmentation

-Friday, December 5th (only) -20% Off Rhinoplasty/Chin Augmentation

-Monday, December 8th (only) – 20% Off Arm Lift

-Tuesday, December 9th (only) – 20% Off Liposuction

-Wednesday, December 10th (only) – 20% Off Tummy Tuck

-Thursday, December 11th (only) – 20% Off Thigh Lift

-Friday, December 12th (only) – 20% Off Fat Transfer procedures

-Monday, December 15th (only) – 20% Off Breast Lift

-Tuesday, December 16th (only) – 20% Off Mid Face Lift & Neck Lift

-Wednesday, December 17th (only) – 20% Off Breast Reduction

Limited time offer.  Financing available.