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TempSure® RF for Face

We think of fine lines and wrinkles as an inevitability of aging, but advanced technology in the cosmetic skin rejuvenation industry is taking that assumption head-on. The TempSure® RF Platform by Cynosure® is able to provide remarkable skin-smoothing results non-invasively with no downtime. El Paso Cosmetic Surgery is proud to offer TempSure® RF treatments to our patients to reduce signs of aging and restore confidence.

Tempsure® Rf for Face El Paso
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What is TempSure® Envie?

TempSure® Envi uses advanced radiofrequency (RF) technology for the treatment of crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and smile lines. It works by delivering controlled RF energy deep within the tissues around the nose, mouth, and eyes. The energy stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin fibers within the skin. The more of these proteins there are, the tighter and firmer your skin becomes. TempSure® Envi is safe for all skin types and, according to Cynosure®, 96% of patients report the treatment is comfortable.

What is a TempSure® RF Envie Like?

TempSure® Envi treatments are simple, fast, and comfortable. They begin with the application of gel to your skin. Then, your clinician will choose what size applicator is best suited for your treatment. The applicator will then be moved in circles over the skin around your mouth, eyes, and nose. You may feel some warmth from the radiofrequency during the treatment, and this is a sign that everything is working as it should be. The treatment itself takes less than 15 minutes.

Recovery and Results After a TempSure® Envie Treatment?

TempSure® Envi treatments do not require any downtime, and you will be free to resume your normal activities. Seven to ten days after a TempSure® Envi treatment, your skin’s rebuilding will begin. Fibroblasts accumulate to synthesize new collagen while growth factors ramp up. After 30 days, new collagen will be formed, and your skin will be firmer, tighter, and smoother. Your lines and wrinkles will also be drastically reduced. Most patients only need one to three treatments to be satisfied with their results.

Am I a Good TempSure® Envie Candidate?

TempSure® Envi is approved for all skin types, and most people make good candidates for the treatment. If you’re unhappy with the laxity of your skin creating wrinkles, TempSure® Envi treatments at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery could be the treatment you’ve been waiting for. Get started with a consultation and find out if TempSure® Envi is right for you.

Take the Next Steps

Look your best and feel confident. Get started by scheduling a consultation with our Skin Care Specialists by calling or texting (915) 351-1116. During this time, we’ll evaluate what kind of treatment would be most beneficial for YOU, as well as answer any questions or concerns that you might have about the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to RealSelf, the average TempSure® Envi treatment package costs $2,375. The cost of your treatment can vary depending on your geographical location and the experience of your clinician. Your provider at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery will help you devise a unique treatment plan and will provide you will a more specific price.

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