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TempSure™ Vitalia

Do you feel like you could be tighter “down there”? Are you bothered by a lack of vaginal lubrication, especially during moments of intimacy? If that’s the case, you may be a good candidate for TempSure™ Vitalia vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

TempSure™ Vitalia is a non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten vaginal muscles, increase lubrication, and even reduce symptoms of bacterial infections and urinary incontinence issues. TempSure™ Vitalia is now available at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in El Paso, TX.

Tempsure™ Vitalia El Paso
individual results may vary

What is TempSure™ Vitalia?

TempSure™ Vitalia is a specialized handpiece for the TempSure™ device that delivers radiofrequency energy directly to the vaginal muscles surrounding the vaginal canal. RF energy heats the vaginal area and prompts the production and coagulation of new collagen.

This helps to trigger a tightening effect within the muscles and vaginal tissue, which improves tightness, increases lubrication, and supports potentially weak bladder muscles. TempSure™ Vitalia is also a solution for chronic bacterial infections and yeast infections.

It is also possible to combine Vitalia treatments with Woww-Shot which is a PRP injection to the same area.

What is a TempSure™ Vitalia Treatment Like?

A typical TempSure™ Vitalia treatment usually takes about 45 minutes to perform. During the treatment, the tip of the handpiece will be inserted into the vaginal canal and rotated for 30 minutes to deliver optimal amounts of radiofrequency energy to the vaginal canal muscles. This process is gentle and generally well tolerated by patients. You will be able to feel the warmth of the radiofrequency technology, but the treatment will not be painful. TempSure™ Vitalia can be used on both internal and external vaginal muscles.

Recovery and Results After a TempSure™ Vitalia Treatment?

There’s no downtime after a TempSure™ Vitalia treatment, so you can get back to your daily routine. You may begin to notice results almost immediately after treatment, but it takes time for collagen production to increase. Full results are typically apparent two to three months after treatment. Most patients only need one to three treatments to see optimal results. Patients treated with TempSure™ Vitalia treatment often see: 

  • Tighter, more toned vaginal muscles
  • More lubrication
  • Increased sexual satisfaction
  • A reduction in chronic infections
  • Improvement in SUI symptoms

Am I a Good TempSure™ Vitalia Candidate?

TempSure™ Vitalia is a gentle treatment that can be beneficial for most people who experience vaginal laxity. You may be a good candidate for TempSure™ Vitalia if you:

  • Are bothered by a lack of vaginal tightness
  • Feel uncomfortable during sex as a result of dryness
  • Have chronic yeast or bacterial infections
  • Want a tighter, more rejuvenated vaginal appearance

Take the Next Steps

The next step is to schedule your consultation. During your consultation, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sozer will evaluate you and discuss all your questions, concerns, and desires before undergoing surgery so you can have realistic expectations. You may call or text our office at (915) 351-1116 to schedule your consultation or fill out our “Schedule Your Consultation” form. Someone will contact you to make an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of TempSure™ Vitalia can vary depending on your geographic location and the experience of your practitioner. Some patients may also require multiple treatment sessions to achieve their desired results, which can also influence the cost.

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