Breast Lift

breast-augmentation-special-orange-countyThroughout their lives, women are exposed to multiple factors that can negatively impact their breast appearance. Genetics, gravity, loss of skin elasticity from aging, weight gain and loss, pregnancy, and breast-feeding can all negatively affect breast shape and firmness. The solution to these problems is a breast lift. Offered at our El Paso, Texas, cosmetic surgery practice, breast lift can reverse the effects of time, giving you the breasts you had when you were younger.

Breast Lift Candidates

Women who are happy with the size of their breasts but not their current breast shape are good candidates for breast lift. For patients who desire changes in both the shape and volume of their breasts, a breast lift procedure can be done at the same time as breast augmentation. A breast lift can be performed for patients at any age, but we usually recommend waiting until breast development has stopped.

Breast Lift/Upper Pole Fullness

Before many ladies consider a breast lift, they may have the false assumption that every procedure is the same and will have the same outcome. Unfortunately, that’s simply not true. As in any plastic surgery, the outcome is based on the skill and expertise of your surgeon and the facility you choose.

If you are considering a breast lift, it’s important that you fully understand the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of Dr. Sozer here at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery.

Starting with a procedure that was developed in Brazil, Dr. Sozer took the foundational idea and perfected it to provide more fullness and also a longer-lasting result.





Dr. Sozer’s Technique Delivers the Desired Outcome:
  • The breast is reduced and elevated resulting in a nice projection, shape and cleavage.
  • Achieving Upper Pole Fullness, the part of your breasts that are above the nipple, can be a challenge, however Dr. Sozer‘s technique mobilizes the breast in such a way to make the tissue look like an implant. The benefits of implants, without an implant!
  • Dr. Sozer then performs an additional step called fat grafting that compliments the Upper Pole Fullness. This further enhances the outcome with stellar results.
Good to know:
  • The best candidates for this procedure are patients with large, droopy breasts.
  • The procedure may affect the ability to breast feed.
  • The procedure does involve incisions, either a lollypop shape or inverted “T” or anchor
  • There are no drains involved with this procedure.
  • With this procedure, you can go back to work in a few days. Exercise and activity are limited for 4 weeks after the procedure.

Performed by Dr. Sozer at our own El Paso Cosmetic Surgery Center, you’ll receive the utmost in care, including the expertise of a certified anesthesiologist and registered nurses.

Dr. Sozer and the skilled professionals at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery will be happy to talk with you and help to determine if a breast lift/upper pole fullness procedure is the answer you seek to achieve your beauty goals.

Breast Lift Scarring

Various breast lift techniques can be utilized depending on each patient’s breast size and shape. Our surgeons will choose the technique most appropriate for the individual patient. Although each technique leaves a different kind of scar, the scars of a breast lift procedure usually depend on the shape of the breast and the amount of sagging. In mild cases, the incision can be made just around the areola. In more advanced cases, the incision may be around the areola with a straight scar going down. In the most extreme cases, incisions will be made around the areola with a reverse T-shaped scar.

Your surgeon will discuss the details of your procedure with you during your consultation. We will also gather some information from you regarding family history, medications used, and other medical factors. Like breast augmentation, a mammogram before the surgery is beneficial.

Breast Lift Risks

Risks of breast lift may involve bleeding, infection, adverse reactions to anesthesia, or change or loss of the sensation of the nipples or other areas of the breast skin.

Patients can usually return to regular activities in a week, but they should avoid activities involving their arms, including most sports, for four to six weeks. Patients usually can go home the same day of the breast lift surgery, however, on occasion, we may ask you to stay overnight.

Breast Lift Results

If patients do not gain a significant amount of weight or become pregnant, the new breast shape should remain fairly consistent after breast lift surgery. However, gravity and the effects of aging will eventually alter the size and shape of virtually every woman’s breast. If a woman gains weight or becomes dissatisfied with the appearance of the breast, it is possible to undergo a second breast lift procedure.

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