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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a feasible option for women who have had to undergo a breast removal procedure. Clinics such as El Paso Cosmetic Surgery employ the latest technologies for reconstructing the breasts, either with the use of implants or the patient’s own tissue. Breast reconstruction may be performed immediately after breast removal or after the patient has had time to recover.

Most breast reconstruction procedures involve the use of tissue expanders and breast implants. Expanders are especially useful for reconstruction patients whose skin has already healed after a breast removal procedure. With such patients, expanders are used to stretch the skin in order to accommodate the implant. Expanders are silicone balloons inserted under the skin and gradually filled with a saline solution over the course of a few weeks. When the skin has expanded sufficiently, the expander will be replaced with a breast implant, and the nipple and areola will be surgically reconstructed.

As with all surgical procedures, breast reconstruction entails certain risks and side effects. Recovery periods vary depending on the type and extent of the surgery performed. In most cases, relief will be felt in a few weeks, with a return to normal activity being possible after a couple of months.

Tiredness and soreness are common for one or two weeks after implant surgery. Doctors typically prescribe medication to help ease patients’ pain and discomfort. Most patients will be allowed to go home after a few days, although one or more fluid draining tubes may be left in place. Doctors may also recommend the use of special support garments in order to assist in healing and to prevent injury.

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