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CoolTone for Non-Invasive Muscle Definition

CoolTone is a brand-new, FDA-approved technology that’s designed to define and tone your muscles. Made by Allergen – the same folks who made Botox and CoolSculpting – CoolTone uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to trigger involuntary muscle contractions at the treatment site, leading to defined and toned muscles. CoolTone is an excellent solution for candidates who want leaner, more defined muscles.

How Does CoolTone Work?

CoolTone uses MMS energy to penetrate the dermis and target the underlying muscles. This energy causes the muscles to contract and release multiple times, leading to more defined and toned muscle fibers. CoolTone has been approved for use on the abs, buttocks, and thighs – three of the most popular treatment areas for patients who want leaner, tighter-looking muscles.

Am I a Good Candidate for CoolTone?

You’re a good candidate for CoolTone if you already follow a healthy diet and gym regimen, but you’re not getting the lean and toned results you’ve been working hard for.

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What is the Procedure Like?

The procedure takes about 40 minutes to perform; during the treatment, clients can expect to feel tightening muscles, much like what happens when you squeeze your muscles.

What Results Can I Expect?

Results include leaner and more defined muscles. Most patients will need about four treatments over the span of two weeks to see optimal results.

CoolTone El Paso

Is There Any Downtime?

There’s no downtime associated with this treatment, so clients can go back to their normal routines immediately after each CoolTone session.

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