How does Kybella work?

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Just as Kybella breaks down dietary fats, it also can break down unwanted fat under the skin. A small amount of Kybella is injected with a tiny needle into the area of concern (currently FDA approved for the fat under the chin). Within a few minutes, the local fat is destroyed just where the injection was done.

Where is Kybella usually Injected?

Current FDA approval for Kybella injection is only for the double chin area. Studies are ongoing to determine other areas of the body that might benefit from fat reduction.

How long Will Kybella results last?

Results may very well be permanent, however long term studies have not been completed. It is generally true that once a fat cell is destroyed, it is not replaced.

How much does Kybella cost?

Regular price for Kybella is $600 and 2 vials are recommended for one treatment. But we always have monthly promotions on our injectables.