love my skin, love my body™

Your skin reflects what is going in within your body.

mybody™ is a revolutionary new skincare line that corrects a variety of skin problems caused by sun exposure, aging and other factors. It works to restore skin at and beneath the surface. mybody™ is formulated to reverse outward signs of damage by tapping into the body’s power to create products that mimic how the body repairs, defends and heals itself in order to reclaim its balance.

You are looking for healthy skin for a lifetime…no short term, ineffective fix.

Focusing beyond the visible symptoms of problematic skin conditions, mybody is founded on the basic idea that when the mind and body are in optimal health, the skin looks and acts younger longer-regardless of age.
mybody’s™ effective clinical skincare formulations are known to:

  • Combine the latest ground-breaking skin technologies with select ingredients that are in tune with the body to reawaken its own youthful skin process.
  • Work around the clock! Each targeted skincare system works 24/7, to reprogram the skin from within while combating unwanted skin conditions that negatively affect overall balance and well-being.
  • Be paraben-free, dye free and are not tested on animals.

The name mybody reminds us that our skin and our body work together as a whole. mybody™ has tapped into the body’s power to create products that mimic how the body repairs, defends and heals itself in order to reclaim its balance. Smart bioactive ingredients and high-performance delivery systems help alleviate inflammation of the skin and strengthen skin immunity, ultimately providing anti-aging benefits. mybody™ skincare works in harmony with the body to better sustain and defend itself from head-to-toe.

Would you like to delve deeper into the science behind mybody™?

mybody™ is one of the first medical skincare companies to actually use DNA or mRNA microarray assay technology to aid in the design of a complete skincare system-not as an afterthought or marketing hype. The development of this technology is the most significant advancement in cellular biology since the discovery of DNA. This development has finally given scientist the ability to see where the cellular controls are and actually monitor the control process as a function of the cell’s environment and age. The mybody™ team of R & D experts is highly experienced in the use of this tool for skincare research which could be overwhelming to an inexperienced laboratory due to the sheer volume of the library of controls. This expertise has allowed the mybody™ research team to collectively look at a group of genes and understand what is happening in the skin at the cellular and gene level.


Exclusive, technologically advanced bioengineered lip-oligopeptide sequences developed for specific skin enhancing functions.

myR2X™ (Retinol Booster)

Innovative ingredient complex significantly increases the efficiency of the conversion of retinol to retinoic acid with minimal irritation.

myGF3™ (Growth Factor + Retinol Booster)

Proprietary combination of select Smart Biomimetic Peptides and myR2X for superior anti-aging results


Innovative use of topical probiotics to stimulate the body’s own system for correcting and rejuvenating itself.

Bioemulsion Delivery™

Advanced technology delivers improved penetrations as well as an exceptionally elegant feel and superior spreadability.

The El Paso Cosmetic Difference: We Provide Professional Care and Consultation to Choose the Skin Care Products That Are Right For You!

You are unique, with your own skin type. It’s important before you start a skin treatment regimen that you work with a trained aesthetician who sees you for the individual that you are. All skin services are performed by our on-staff team which includes an aesthetician, a Registered Nurse and overseen by our cosmetic surgeon. Your skin deserves more than a random purchase off a website…you deserve to never be left in the dark as to what is the best regimen for you. That’s why your skin care recommendations will be based on a personalized analysis of your skin. You can know that you are using the product that is right for you.

Don’t settle for less than optimum results from pharmaceutical grade products that penetrate and provide faster results. Rest assured when it comes to your skin care, El Paso Cosmetic Surgery is here for you!