Non-Surgical RF Solution for Skin Tightening

Are you bothered by the appearance of sagging skin? Have you started to notice more sagging around key areas like your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and more? If that’s the case, you may be a good candidate for TempSure skin-firming treatments.

TempSure™ is a brand name for a non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and tone loose skin. TempSure™ is now available for non-surgical skin tightening at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in El Paso, TX.

TempSure El Paso

What is TempSure™? 

TempSure is a technology that uses radiofrequency energy to trigger a tightening effect in loose skin. TempSure can be used on common treatment areas like:

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • And more

Additionally, TempSure can be used to improve the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks. 

There’s no downtime associated with TempSure treatments; it is a pain free treatment plus, TempSure can help trigger long-term collagen production for additional skin-tightening benefits.

Am I A Good Candidate For TempSure™?

You may be a good candidate for TempSure™:

  • If you’re starting to notice sagging skin
  • If you have wrinkles and fine lines 
  • If you have moderate skin laxity issues

How Long Does a Typical Treatment Take?

A typical TempSure™ treatment usually takes about 45 minutes to perform. During the treatment, the TempSure device will be placed over your targeted area; you may experience a mild warming sensation during the procedure. This is normal and a sign that your radiofrequency treatment is working!

What Results Will I See*

Patients treated with TempSure treatment often see: 

  • Tighter, more toned skin
  • Long-term collagen production
  • Firmer, younger-looking skin
  • And more

We recommend three to five TempSure treatments to see ideal results. Your optimal results should appear about four weeks after your last TempSure procedure.

Is There Any Downtime? 

There’s no downtime after a TempSure treatment, so you can get right back to your daily routine.

Take the First Step – Request A Consultation

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