Thigh Lift

Excess skin between the thighs can be both a cosmetic and comfort concern. Thigh lift removes this excess skin so that the thighs do not rub together, making movement more comfortable and creating a more aesthetically contoured leg.

Thigh Lift Candidates

Both men and women experience satisfying results after undergoing medial or upper thigh lift procedures. The ideal candidate will have more excess skin than fat around the upper thigh, though some fat may be removed during the procedure as well. This procedure works especially well for patients who have lost a large amount of weight and want to complete their transformation by removing remaining skin.

Spiral Lift

Some patients may benefit from a “Spiral Lift”, a procedure developed at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery that results in a circumferential lift of the thighs with a buttock lift and augmentation. Read our paper about the Spiral Lift to learn more about this procedure read PDF.

Medial Thigh Lift

Patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight often experience problems with excess skin on the insides of their thighs. The inner thighs are a common site for skin laxity. The appearance of the thighs can be dramatically improved with medial thigh lift surgery. During a medial thigh lift procedure, incisions are made on the insides of the thighs. In most cases, a crescent of tissue is removed, and the resulting skin is drawn together for a slimmer, tighter appearance.

Extended Medial Thigh Lift

For patients who have achieved significant weight loss after bariatric surgery, an extended medial thigh lift is often necessary. This thigh lift involves longer incisions from the knee to the groin area on the insides of the thighs. A triangle of tissue is removed from each thigh, reducing excess skin in two dimensions to create a firmer and more pleasing contour. Although the incisions are significant, the scars from this procedure are not obvious because they are hidden on the insides of the thighs.

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