Mommy Makeover

mothers-dayGet Your Pre-Baby Body Back!

Love the newest addition to the family – but find yourself missing how you used to look before the baby?

Now you can have the best of both worlds, thanks to the Mommy Makeover procedure at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in El Paso, Texas!

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is a special surgical procedure that addresses cosmetic issues caused by hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, and weight loss caused by pregnancy and delivery.  Additionally, the Mommy Makeover helps correct lost volume and shape as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The Mommy Makeover is best for candidates who:

  • Are unable to lose stubborn post-pregnancy weight, especially around the abdomen
  • Have lost breast volume as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Suffer from pockets of fat that won’t respond to healthy diet and exercise

The Mommy Makeover can be customized based on your specific cosmetic issues.  Most Mommy Makeover procedures involve breast augmentation, breast lift, and/or tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).  Each procedure is designed to help address the above cosmetic issues, resulting in youthful-looking breasts and a slimmer, more contoured stomach.


The Mommy Makeover can also include non-invasive body procedures to address loose skin, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation associated with pregnancy.

Mommy Makeover at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery

El Paso Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to offer patients the innovative Mommy Makeover procedure.  To learn more, schedule a Mommy Makeover consultation by calling (915) 351-1116.