Am I An Ideal Candidate For a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to reduce the size of the breasts through fat, tissue, and skin removal.  There are a number of reasons why someone might want to undergo a breast reduction; however, the most common reason is that the patient feels as though her breasts are too large for her body.


Excessively large breasts can cause a considerable amount of back and neck pain, as well as lead to chronic skin rashes.  Additionally, some women may feel as though they can’t wear certain items of clothing without feeling self-conscious.

Breast reduction is an excellent surgical solution for women who feel as though they’re not able to fully enjoy their lives.  So how do you know if you’re an ideal candidate for a breast reduction?  Make note if you identify with any of the following statements:

  • It’s tough for you to feel 100% confident in your skin, as your breasts make it tough for you to wear the clothes you want.
  • You suffer from a lot of back and neck pain. You also have plenty of shoulder pain as a result of excessive strain on your bra straps.
  • You’re always getting skin rashes, particular underneath your breasts.
  • You find it difficult to work out or do any physical activity without experiencing significant pain.
  • You’re generally unhappy with your appearance because you feel that your breasts are too large for your body.
Breast Reduction El Paso Cosmetic Surgery

If you identify with any of the above statements – and you’re a healthy non-smoker – you might be an ideal candidate for a breast reduction procedure.

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