The Benefits of Breast Reduction

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If you’re uncomfortable with your breast size or have experienced considerable physical pain due to your breast size, it may be time to consider breast reduction surgery. Take a look at four of the biggest benefits of breast reduction surgery – they’re truly transformative for women who are in constant physical pain.

The 4 Biggest Benefits of Breast Reduction

1. It eases back and shoulder pain.

Some patients report feeling an almost-immediate relief in back, neck, and shoulder pain after their breast reduction surgery. That’s because this surgery removes a considerable amount of weight that the shoulders and back have to carry – and that weight often results in physical pain. Women who experience chronic headaches as a result of this pain also report seeing a drastic reduction in the number of headaches experienced each month.

In short, breast reduction surgery can be physically transformative.

2. It helps you move more comfortably.

As breast reduction surgery can help decrease physical pain, many patients are able to engage in physical movements without experiencing discomfort. For example, women who have undergone breast reduction surgery are able to exercise without wearing multiple sports bras.

3. It allows you to sleep better.

Many women who’ve had breast reduction surgery report better sleep for one of two reasons:

  1. They’re able to sleep on their stomachs without experiencing significant pain; or
  2. They can sleep on their backs or sides without feeling a significant weight on their chests.

Some patients even report a reduction in breathing problems as a result of the decrease in chest weight.

4. It makes you feel more comfortable in your skin again.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of breast reduction surgery is that it gives you permission to feel comfortable and confident in your skin again. Many patients remark that after their breast reduction surgery, they felt like they could live life without constantly being made aware of their breasts. From wearing cute tops to exercising without physical pain, breast reduction surgery can be completely transformative for many women who want to be free from their too-large breasts.

I was having such bad shoulder and neck pain from being so large. I was a size F and Dr. Sozer made me a full perky size C! This was the best surgery I could have ever done for myself. He is such an amazing and kind doctor, and actually cares about his patients. His cometic surgery center is also the nicest I have ever seen. Everyone there made my process so easy and made me feel like very comfortable. Thank you Dr. Sozer for giving me back the confidence I needed.

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