How Long Does Custom DOSE Take to Produce My Product?

Ever wish you had your very own skin care product – one that’s completely tailor-made to your skincare needs?

Now you don’t have to wonder anymore, because El Paso Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to announce the arrival of Custom D.O.S.E to its plastic surgery center in El Paso, TX!

But what exactly is Custom D.O.S.E, and how can it help you achieve the kind of skin that will leave you looking radiant and flawless every day?

Custom Dose El Paso

What is Custom D.O.S.E.?

If you’ve ever wanted a skincare product that’s completely tailored to your specific needs, you’ve found it here. The Custom D.O.S.E. Machine is an innovative piece of technology that uses real-time data about your skin to customize a product that’s 100% designed to tackle your biggest complexion issues.

For example, if the data shows that you have a significant amount of hyperpigmentation hiding underneath the surface of your skin, the Custom D.O.S.E. Machine will create a serum designed to treat both existing and future hyperpigmentation problems.

 How Long Does It Take to Create My Product?

It all sounds great – but exactly how long will you be waiting for your skincare product? Will you have to wait weeks – even months – to start enjoying your customized product?

The answer is no; in fact, you won’t even have to wait an hour for your customized skincare product. Once the Custom D.O.S.E. Machine analyzes your skin, it takes about five minutes to create your personalized product.

That’s right – five minutes!

Take the Next Step 

Want to experience the power of the Custom D.O.S.E. Machine for yourself? Schedule a consultation at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in El Paso, TX today! (915) 351-1116.

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