How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal offers a revolutionary way of getting rid of body hair. For most people, body hair removal is a regular task that can be both annoying and painful. It takes a long time to shave your legs and waxing is extremely painful. Other options, like using hair removal creams, can lead to irritating side effects that leave your skin red and itchy. Alongside all of this, most hair removal techniques provide short-term results. You can be without hair in the treated area for mere days before it starts to return. 

This is where laser hair removal stands out on its own, offering the best results of all. When done correctly, laser hair removal can last for an extremely long time. 

Laser Hair Removal Overview

As the name implies, this procedure calls upon lasers to remove hair from your body. El Paso Cosmetic Surgery uses the Lumenis LightSheer Duet Laser and the Cynosure Vectus Laser for laser hair removal. Your skin is prepared for the treatment, usually with a cooling gel applied. From here, the laser device is calibrated and passed over the treatment area.

As this happens, laser energy is converted into heat, which is absorbed by the hair follicles in their growth stage. The follicles absorb all of the heat until they break down and are destroyed. As the follicle is removed, it stops the hair from growing back. Numerous treatments are needed for one area to ensure all the follicles have been removed. Only a few are active in the growth stage at any given time, hence the need for repeat treatments. 

How Long Will Laser Hair Removal Last?

Because hair follicles are being destroyed, the hair will not grow back. Initially, it might result in the slowing down of follicular growth, but regular appointments will stop it completely. As such, laser hair removal is considered a permanent solution to body hair as the results can last forever.

However, this is only possible when the right type of laser hair removal technology is used. By using a combination of the LightSheer and Vectus lasers, we can target the cells responsible for follicular hair growth without damaging surrounding healthy skin. This leads to better results that are permanent!

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

This is a highly beneficial treatment if you want to get rid of unwanted body hair for good. It can make your life so much easier as you no longer have to spend time shaving or waxing periodically. Laser hair removal is also virtually painless and generates fewer side effects than traditional hair removal methods. You no longer have to worry about razor burn or bleeding – just smooth skin and some minor redness that fades after the treatment.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Do you want to permanently remove hair from a specific part of your body? Laser hair removal can treat all areas of your body, including the more sensitive parts. If you are sick of traditional hair removal techniques that don’t last, consider laser hair removal today. 

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