How Long is Recovery from Gynecomastia Surgery?

Many men may choose to undergo gynecomastia surgery to treat a condition that causes abnormally enlarged breasts. This tends to happen due to hormonal imbalances and is different from enlarged breasts caused by being overweight. Gynecomastia is the best way to treat this problem and can provide long-lasting results.

Gynecomastia Purpose

The whole purpose of this surgery is to provide breast reduction for men. Some men see a reduction in testosterone and an increase in estrogen production. This imbalance can cause excess breast tissue to grow, leading to gynecomastia. While it doesn’t necessarily cause you any physical harm, enlarged breasts can be embarrassing and affect a man’s mental health. It can stop you from wearing certain clothes or enjoying different things in life. Gynecomastia surgery will remove excess fat and glandular tissue from the breasts, flattening out your chest and making it look more masculine. 

Gynecomastia Procedure

Gynecomastia surgery can follow different procedures depending on the candidate. It all begins with a consultation, where Dr. Sozer will assess you. Your chest area will be examined to see which techniques will work the best. 

From here, what typically happens is an incision is made on your breasts. Through this incision, any excess fat or glandular tissue can be removed from the area, creating a flatter chest. The incision is that sutured, and you will have to undergo the recovery process. Sometimes, liposuction is used alongside gynecomastia surgery to remove the fatty tissue from your breasts. 

Gynecomastia Recovery

What can you expect from the gynecomastia recovery period? In truth, the exact recovery time can vary. It all comes down to the techniques used, the extent of your gynecomastia, and your overall physical condition. Physically fit and healthy candidates tend to recover faster, purely because their body allows it. 

Still, a good rule of thumb is to wait 1-3 weeks before returning to non-strenuous activities. This is because the site needs time to heal, and any swelling has to go down. You will be given a special garment to be worn after your surgery, and we advise you to keep this on for at least 3 weeks after. It’s designed to compress the site, speeding up the recovery process. After around 3 or so weeks, most candidates can return to their normal activities – including sports and mild exercise. The doctors at El Paso Plastic Surgery strongly advise to avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight for at least 6 months. This will stop the scars from darkening and ensures they fade away as quickly as possible. 

Am I a Candidate for Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast reduction is aimed at healthy men that don’t have any weight issues. If your breasts are enlarged because you’re overweight, you need to follow a strict exercise regime to deal with this problem. Those of you that suffer from gynecomastia and have enlarged breasts will be the ideal candidates for this procedure. It’s not aimed at boys going through puberty, as enlarged breasts are common during this period and will usually go away on their own. For this reason, you will be best-suited for male breast reduction if you’re had enlarged breasts for some time, and they haven’t shown signs of going away.

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