What Makes the Brazilian Butt Lift So Popular?

Maybe you’ve heard about it on your favorite TV shows. Or maybe you’ve been wondering why your favorite Instagram influencers’ backsides are so blessed. Whatever the reason, you can’t help but wonder: What makes the Brazilian butt lift so popular these days?

 5 Reasons Why the Brazilian Butt Lift is So Popular

 1. It’s more natural-looking.

Because the Brazilian butt lift uses your body’s own fat to lift and augment your backside, the results are much more natural than if you achieved those augmented results via silicone implants. Plus, these results feel more natural, which means you can keep the reason behind your boosted booty a mysterious secret.

2. It’s safer.

There are plenty of horror stories out there about unscrupulous people who’ve used a wide variety of materials for a butt augmentation (including, in one horrible story, cement). 

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the safest options for a more voluptuous backside because it uses the best material out there: your body’s own fat tissue.

3. There’s no chance for rejection.

Since your own fat tissue is being used to produce these augmented results, there’s zero chance that your body will attack or reject the implanted fat. The same can’t be said for any other type of material (like silicone implants), which may carry a low but still present risk of rejection.

4. Results can be game-changing.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why the Brazilian butt lift is so popular is that the results it produces can be downright life-changing for patients. If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your backside or you want to fill out your favorite pair of jeans, the Brazilian butt lift could be the right procedure for you.

5. It provides additional body-contouring benefits. 

In order to collect fat tissue to augment the backside, your plastic surgeon will perform liposuction surgery on a harvest area (typically the abdomen or thighs). This means, in addition to a boosted booty, you can enjoy some noticeable body-contouring benefits!

I had the Brazilian butt lift, lipo to my flanks ..
El Paso cosmetic surgery staff was very professional and courteous would definitely recommend .. dr sozar is great loved his work, will definitely go to him when I do my breast implants.

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