Where Else Can Kybella Be Used?


By now, you’ve probably heard that Kybella – an FDA-approved injection that dissolves fat cells underneath the chin – is one of the best solutions for that dreaded double-chin effect.

In fact, Kybella is quickly becoming a go-to treatment at plastic surgery practices around the country.  That’s not exactly surprising, considering that most clients only need to undergo one Kybella treatment of two vials to see a significant reduction in submental fat.

Of course, that got us thinking – is there anywhere else that Kybella can be used?

The Answer Might Surprise You…

Kybella-before-and-after-01 Juarez

Although Kybella is only FDA-approved for fat underneath the chin and around the neck, many plastic surgeons and aestheticians are trained to administer Kybella injections in areas other than the chin and neck area.

At El Paso Plastic Surgery in El Paso, Texas, our aestheticians are among the few in the area who are capable of administering Kybella in areas of the body that respond to its main ingredient, deoxycholic acid.  From armpit and knee fat to the elbows and abdomen, Kybella can be used to great effect on smaller pockets of stubborn fat.

In fact, places in Europe are already using Kybella to treat stubborn fat in areas outside the neck and chin.

Kybella Injections at El Paso Plastic Surgery

If you’re interested to see if Kybella injections can assist in eliminating fat from other parts of your body, we recommend scheduling a Kybella injection consultation at El Paso Plastic Surgery in El Paso, Texas.

El Paso Plastic Surgery is owned and operated by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ozan Sozer.   Together, you and Dr. Sozer can discuss Kybella injections as well as your desired results for the treatment.

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