How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Cost in El Paso?

Interested in undergoing a breast augmentation procedure in El Paso – but not sure how much you’ll need to spend?

Budgeting for the cost of your procedure should be an important part of your breast augmentation research. After all, you need to know how much you’ll spend, how much you’ll need to save, and whether or not you’ll need special financing. Plus, you may know that it’s important to avoid overly cheap breast augmentation prices, as you may not know how the plastic surgeon is making up for the steep discounts.

With that in mind, let’s answer the following question:

If you’re interested in undergoing a breast augmentation procedure in El Paso, you might be excited to know that El Paso Cosmetic Surgery is currently running a special pricing promotion on the popular procedure. Book your breast augmentation consultation now, and your procedure will start at $4,400 (with silicone implants). That’s around the typical cost of breast augmentation. Plus, you’ll be in the expert hands of our board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Ozan Sozer or Dr. Paul Phillips who specialize in breast augmentation surgery.

How Much Does a Breast Augmentation Cost in El Paso?

Breast augmentation costs vary in the greater El Paso region, but according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) you can expect to pay about $3,718. That cost can vary according to the plastic surgeon’s level of experience, his or her office location, and other extras included in the price (like anesthesia, outpatient fees, and medications).

I had breast augmentation done in November, it’s been 3 months, and I am loving the results. Dr. Sozer did an amazing job and the staff was very friendly.

In addition to breast augmentation, El Paso Cosmetic Surgery is pleased to offer pricing specials on other procedures, including brow lift, neck lift, facelift, and Brazilian butt lift.

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