Do Shaped Implants Look More Natural?

If you’re interested in breast augmentation surgery, you probably already know that there are plenty of implant options out there. From silicone to saline, gummy drop to teardrop, it seems as though there’s no end in sight to the choices you need to make.

So when it comes to choosing the most natural-looking implants, you can’t help but wonder: “Do shaped implants look more natural?”

Why Shaped Implants Look More Natural

If you suspected that shaped implants look more natural, you’re right! Shaped implants – like gummy drop implants or teardrop implants – replicate the natural shape and curve of a woman’s breast, making it more likely that it won’t be obvious you had surgery done.

So if you’re worried about getting breast implants that look like two basketballs sitting on your chest, not to worry – shaped implants can give you the natural look you want.

How to Pick the Right Implants

Whether you’re certain you want shaped implants or you’re still researching your options, here are a few tips that can help you pick the right implants:

  • Work with your body’s natural shape and size. If you want volume without looking outrageous, it’s important to understand how implant sizes could impact your appearance.
  • Find implants that offer comprehensive warranties. It’s not common, but some implants do rupture and deflate after injury or over time. In these cases, you’ll want a warranty that can help you afford the cost of replacing the implants should the worst happen.
  • Be honest with your plastic surgeon about what you’re looking for. The best conversations happen when patients are explicit about what they want.

Find a plastic surgeon who will be honest with you. For example, if you want implants that may look too artificial or lopsided with your natural body shape, a good plastic surgeon will tell you.

Take the Next Step

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