How Does Kybella Work?

Ever wondered why it feels so tough to get rid of a double chin?

It’s not your imagination. As it turns out, people with excess submental fat (i.e., fat tissue underneath your chin) are more likely to be genetically prone to storing fat along the jawline. 

That means even if you’re exercising and dieting, you may not see your double chin budge.

That’s where FDA-approved Kybella comes in!

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella is an injectable treatment that dissolves submental fat cells clustered underneath your chin. Kybella accomplishes this via deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring compound (your body makes something similar!) that absorbs fat while leaving surrounding healthy cells untouched.

Once these fat cells are disrupted, the body’s metabolic systems kick in and remove the damaged cells from the body. Over a period of several weeks, your double chin will start to reduce in size, leading to noticeable results.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Kybella results usually take about eight to twelve weeks to appear. Most patients need anywhere from two to three vials to see their ideal results.

Once you see your Kybella results, you can maintain them by continuing to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen. While Kybella can permanently get rid of fat cells, it can’t prevent the formation of new ones, so make sure you keep up all of your hard work!

Does Kybella Tighten Skin?

While Kybella can get rid of fat cells, it can’t tighten skin. That’s why, if you have skin laxity issues or excess skin around your jawline, you may want to combine your Kybella injection with an Ultherapy or Microneedling RF skin-tightening procedure. The combination can help reveal your most contoured jawline possible!

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