How Long Will My Botox Results Last?

Are you interested in undergoing Botox injections, but you’re not sure how long your results may last?

We get that once you experience the exciting results of Botox, you’ll want them to last as long as possible. That’s why we’re here to answer one of the most popular questions we receive during our anti-aging consultations…

“How long will my Botox results last?” 

Average Duration of Botox Results

In general, Botox results tend to last anywhere from three to four months, depending on how your body responds to the treatment. First-time Botox recipients can expect their results to last about three months.

Frequent Botox users may find that their results can stretch out up to six months. 

How Can I Make My Botox Results Last?

Whether you’re getting Botox for the first time or the twentieth, here are a few quick tips on how you can make your Botox results last:

  • Avoid rubbing your face for the first few days after your Botox injection; this could cause the Botox formula to spread to untreated areas.
  • Skip the gym for at least 24 hours after your Botox injection, as excessive body heat can cause the formula to spread.
  • Drink plenty of water after your treatment.
  • Go to a certified and experienced Botox injection specialist, who can deliver your Botox treatment with the aim of achieving natural and long-lasting results.

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox?

You’re a good candidate for Botox injections if:

  • You have mild to moderate forehead wrinkles
  • You have lines or furrows between your eyebrows (frown lines)
  • You have crow’s feet

All Botox candidates should be healthy individuals who aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

Botox costs are calculated by unit price, so all you have to do is a little quick math to figure out what your injection may cost. The average price of a Botox unit is $20, and most clients need between 20-60 Botox units to see their ideal results.

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