Is There a Solution For Underarm Sweating?

Let’s face it – excessive sweating is the pits.  Having excessive underarm sweating can make you feel self-conscious about doing anything that might reveal your pit stains.  From work to the gym and in social situations, underarm sweating is constantly on your mind – and you’re ready for it to stop.

That’s why it’s time to introduce yourself to miraDry.  This FDA-cleared treatment uses the power of electromagnetic energy to destroy overactive sweat glands that cause excessive sweating.  miraDry is safe, comfortable, and effective, as it’s designed to destroy those pesky overactive sweat glands.

Here’s how it works: your technician will numb your underarm area to prepare it for treatment.  He or she will then place a hand piece directly on your skin, lining it up with the underarm area.  During the course of the treatment, electromagnetic energy will be delivered in short pulses to the overactive sweat glands.  These energy pulses permanently destroy the sweat glands, giving you instant relief that you’ll start to notice right away.

Male Patient, Age 24. Four Weeks Post Miradry Treatment on Left Underarm. Photo from
Male patient age 24 Four weeks post miradry treatment on left underarm Photo from miradry Com

Recovery from a miraDry treatment is almost instant; most patients will experience slight bruising and soreness at the treatment area. You should see permanent relief from your miraDry treatment; additionally, most patients only need one session to achieve their desired results.  You’ll work with your plastic surgeon to determine the right number of sessions to eliminate your excessive underarm sweating.  The total cost of your miraDry treatment will depend on the number of sessions needed.

Take the Next Step

Say goodbye to embarrassing underarm sweating – for good.  Want to learn more about the miraDry procedure?  Schedule a consultation at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery in El Paso, TX today! (915) 351-1116.

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