Is There an Ideal Age For Breast Augmentation?

For many women, the decision to undergo breast augmentation is a long and deliberate one, filled with plenty of research and weighing out the pros and cons. But for others, they don’t need to research the procedure to know that they want it. Some women may even know they want breast augmentation in their late teens or early twenties.

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This brings up an important question: Is there an ideal age for breast augmentation? What’s the minimum age you need to be to undergo this procedure?

As it turns out, there’s no “ideal” age; your candidacy will depend more on your health and your stage of life. Your plastic surgeon will work with you to help determine if you’re a good candidate based on the following criteria:

  • If you’re a healthy person who doesn’t smoke
  • If you’ve finished breastfeeding for at least six months
  • If you have realistic expectations for your procedure
  • If you are unhappy with the size of your chest or want to address any symmetrical issues associated with your breasts

As for a minimum age, it’s important to understand manufacturer restrictions surrounding the types of implants that are used and who they can be used on. For silicone breast implants, it’s recommended that patients be 22 years of age or older; for saline breast implants, they can be used on women aged 18 and older. Patients interested in breast augmentation should also be non-smokers. The right type of breast implant for your augmentation procedure will be determined during your consultation with your plastic surgeon.

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