Top 5 Benefits of a Facelift

A facelift not only lifts but also redistributes and shapes the skin. With Dr Ozan Sozer at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery, who is an internationally recognized surgeon for his facelift techniques,  the results look completely natural and your younger appearance is restored for many years to come.

What is a Facelift? 

Surgeons use a facelift to correct signs of aging but tightening and firming the facial skin and lifting the underlying structures. You look like yourself, but younger. Dr Sozer will even make sure to hide your sutures in your hairline or around your ear to avoid any visible scars

A facelift may offer the best results for more severe signs of aging, like sagging skin, deep lines and wrinkles, and lost facial contours. Other treatments work well for treating more moderate results of aging, but in some situations, only a facelift may give you the results you want. 

What are the Top Five Benefits of a Facelift? 

A facelift offers a variety of anti-aging benefits. Here are five of the most popular reasons that people choose to get a facelift:

  1. Lifting of loose, sagging skin
  2. Correcting deep folds between the nose and mouth
  3. Restoring structure lost due to decreased fat
  4. Getting rid of loose jowls around the jaws
  5. Removing the appearance of loose skin around the neck

With so many benefits, facelifts have become a popular procedure. While some people still think of the overdone, too-tight look of bad facelifts from years gone by, today’s facelifts look natural and soft. 

What is A Facelift Like?

To prevent you from feeling anything, your surgeon will keep you under general anesthetic for the procedure. Your facial skin will be lifted and restored to a more youthful-looking appearance. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Facelift? 

If you have loose skin, sagging jowls, deep facial lines, or other signs of aging you want to address, you may be a good candidate. If you have certain medical issues, you should not have this procedure, so discuss your entire medical history with your surgeon during consultation. If you smoke, you will have to quit before surgery.

What is Recovery Like After a Facelift?

Recovery after a facelift happens in stages. You can usually return to work within one to two weeks. Your surgeon will often clear you to return to moderate exercise after four weeks. Because swelling will take about six months to go away completely, your results will continue to improve after your procedure. 

What Results Can I Expect From a Facelift?

Depending on which facelift procedure you and your surgeon have chosen, you will see a decrease in loose and sagging skin, lifting of jowls and loose neck skin, and smoothing of deep lines and wrinkles. You will also see facial volume lifted to improve the contours of the cheeks and jaw.

My first ever facial done at the El Paso Cosmetic Surgey Center (West Location) was amazing. Marrisa was so knowledgeable and sweet! She talked me through the entire HydraFacial process and began with understanding my skin type and what this facial would do for me such as removing dead skin cells, providing antioxidants, and serums. She also told me how to care for my skin post appointment and addressed other concerns I had about my skin. I felt very comfortable the entire time and will definitely be going back for future services at the MedSpa with Marissa. My skin felt hydrated, supple, smooth, and refreshed!

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