What Are the Benefits of Using Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch Implants?

Women choose to get breast implants for many reasons. Whether you are wanting a more symmetrical look, need a lift after breastfeeding, desire more volume and firmness as you age, or are needing reconstruction surgery, there are many benefits that come from implants. There are several types of breast implants available that can be customized to your personal specification. Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch Implants are the newest additions to the Natrelle line of implants and can provide you with the firm natural-looking breasts you desire.

What Makes Natrelle Soft Touch Implants Special?

The Inspira Soft Touch Implants can create a full, round look to your breasts while providing a natural shape and feel. These implants are able to give the ideal level of firmness to your breasts and provide better proportion to your chest. They move naturally which creates the perfect balance of an authentic look with increased volume and firmness.

What are Natrelle Soft Touch Implants Made Of?

The Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch Implants are silicone-based. It is the gel inside the silicone implant that gives the breasts their natural-looking shape and volume. Silicone implants are safe and FDA-approved which gives women peace of mind when selecting the implants that are right for them. The Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch Implants are designed specifically for women ages 22 and over.

Are There Risks with Breast Implants?

With any surgical procedure, there are risks and it is important to consider these beforehand. We recommend having an MRI exam three years after the surgery and every two years following to prevent rupturing implants. It is also important for women to note that getting breast implants may impact your ability to breastfeed following the procedure. Overall the risks are minimal and the odds of a ruptured implant are very unlikely. It is important to note, however, that steps can be taken to detect early signs of rupturing to prevent significant damage.

Take the Next Step

The decision to have breast implants is a personal choice and one that has many layers for a woman to consider. We can put your mind at ease when recommending the Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch Implants that you will have the safest and most natural-looking implants available.

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